We have the steel parts of our best selling products in stock and ready to coat in the color you choose.  Standard size orders of Quick Ship products will ship in TEN BUSINESS DAYS OR LESS if ordered in Blue, Hunter Green, Brown, or Black.  Products ordered in Red, Orange, Burgundy, Yellow, Ivory, Evergreen, Gray, and Purple will ship in FIFTEEN BUSINESS DAYS OR LESS.   15 Year Best-In-Industry Warranty!

All of our  products are 100% plastic coated to protect against the elements.  This includes the picnic table and bench legs!  The 1/8+ inch thick plastisol (PVC) coating seals out the elements so your outdoor furniture and amenities will look great year after year.  UV stability and mold resistance will always be an important component of our plastisol, plus the plastisol we use is compliant with worldwide regulations.  Plastic coated surfaces are very comfortable and the never get too hot from the sun.  As in all our products, only top quality, durable steel is used to avoid any seat sagging.

Quick Ship Plus Program

924-501 8′ Free Standing

924-301 6′ Free Standing

926-101 4′ Free Standing

955-101 4′ Free Standing

950-501 8′ Accessible, Free Standing

934-301 6′ All Mounts

934-501 8′ All Mounts

936-3B1 6′ All Mounts

936-301 6′ All Mounts

936-501 8′ All Mounts

935-301 6′ All Mounts

937-301 6′ Supreme, All Mounts

935-504 8′ All Mounts

Receptacle Direct Bury Kit

Surface Mounting Kit

996-031 32 Gal. Receptacle