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Bike Racks

Plastisol Coated Bike Racks

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Our bike racks not only look great while providing a secure place to lock up bicycles, they are heavy duty for durability and stability  They are completely coated with UV stable, mold and mildew resistant Plastisol to seal out the elements and to allow for bike protection.  Only tamper resistant, stainless steel hardware is used.  The double sided design allows for more bikes in a small area.  Available in a variety of colors and sizes.  Free standing, surface mount or direct bury mounts.
As with all of our products, our heavy duty, commercial quality Bike Racks are completely coated with Plastisol (PVC).  Not only does this coating protect the bike rack against any outdoor elements, it also protects the bike from scratches.  Choose from our eleven colors of UV stable, mold and mildew resistant colors.  We offer two styles in various lengths and a variety of mounting options.

The Gate Style Bike Rack is available in 5 foot and 8 foot lengths with two-sided bike parking, accommodating up to 8 and 12 bikes respectively.  The entire steel bike rack is coated in UV stable, mold and mildew resistant plastisol (PVC) that is compliant with worldwide safety standards.  The durable PVC coating is not damaged by bicycles and will protect the bicycles from getting scratched.  The coating will also seal out any outdoor elements because is will not chip and rust.  Available in direct bury and free standing with a bolt down option. 200+ pounds of durability!

The Loop Style Bike Rack is available in five lengths and two ways to install.  This bike rack requires no assembly because it ships in one piece.  The surface mount style is made to mount on concrete and the direct bury style is ready to put into the ground.  These durable steel bike racks are completely plastisol (PVC)  coated in your choice of eleven Premier Polysteel colors that protect both the bike rack and the bikes.  The plastisol is UV stable, mold and mildew resistant, and complies with worldwide safety standards.  Sizes from single to five loops and fits up to 11 bikes.